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Club Fleets


Budworth is a keen racing club and we have race several different classes, both Adult and Junior, as well as Raceboards.
There is something suitable for all ages and all abilities and we race from April though to December.

The club also holds specific open or “taster” days  – which is a great opportunity to see the various boats close up and chat to the class captains, go for a short sail with a club helm and find out more – but if you are keen don’t feel you have to wait till then, just come on down when the club is open and find someone to talk to.

If you are new , or less experienced, we offer a range of training courses for club members – see our TRAINING section

For more detailed information and advice please contact our fleet captains –just click on the fleet picture or title below – or email the Racing Secretary.

There are also more technical details on each class in the the table at the bottom of this page.


ClassPictureNumber of CrewRig / SailsWeight RangeCost - NewCost - 2nd hand
Firefly2Main and jib 6.32m2110-150kgfrom £6,000from £400
Fireball2Main and jib with trapeze 11.43m2
Spinnaker 13.01m2
120-170kgfrom £10,000from £1,000
GP 142Main and genoa
Spinnaker 8.4m2
120-185Kgfrom £9,000from £500
Laser1Single main, with different rig options available
Full - 7.06m2
Radial - 5.7m2
4.7 - 4.7m2
Full: 75-85kg
Radial: 55-72kg
4.7: 45-55kg
from £4,500from £300
Raceboard1Up to 7.5m2
Juniors need proportionally smaller kit (see RYA T15)
60kg and upwards (any weight)from £3,000 (Starboard Phantom Race 380, Demon sail, carbon mast & boom)from £500 (eg, Mistral Equipe, Fanatic Megacat)
RS 200 2Main fully battened and jib 11.5m2
Asymmetric 8.3m2
100-150kgfrom £8,000from £2,500
Solo1Single fully battened main 8.36m265-100kgfrom £7,000from £600
Snipe2Main and jib 11.89m2120-190kgfrom £11,000from £500
Optimist (Junior)1Main sprit rigged 3.3m230-60kgfrom £2,250
from £300
RSFeva (Junior)2Main and jib
80-110kgfrom £3,800from £1,500
Topper (Junior and Lady)1Single main 5.3m232-65kgfrom £2,500from £300

Images copyright of the Yachting Studio, purveyors of fine prizes www.theyachtingstudio.com. Used with permission