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Nov 302016

Philpott TrophyThe Pursuit Trophy Race on the 27th November (postponed from October because of lack of wind) was close to suffering the same fate again,  the day that the Budworth Pairs had vacated!  However, a breeze from the north east was sufficient both races to be run successfully! The wind direction made for a tight course to be sailed with E to C as the first beat.

A ‘remnant’ from the Budworth Pairs, a Firefly was the ‘scratch’ boat, with Solo, GP14, Laser and RS200 following on. Ted Garner in the Solo quickly caught up his handicap of 1 minute 11 seconds to overtake the Firefly, and thereafter a ‘battle royal’ began as Nick Devereux with Geoff Edwards in a GP 14 fought to take the lead. Showing something of a balance in handicap timings in this gentle wind, the Nick and Geoff took first place, Ted Garner’s Solo, second, Russell Page in the RS 3rd, Steve Hubbard in the Solo 4th, and Katie Guess leading the Lasers in 5th. The scratch Firefly of Steve Hayward held off the rest of the ‘hounds’ who were chasing him.

After a soup lunch prepared by Danielle and Hermione Attfield –appreciated by everyone, in an excellent Budworth atmosphere of everyone chatting and sharing together, the second race began with the same course. In spite of yet more anxiety as the wind appeared to drop, and consideration of an ‘abandon’ was happily delayed, the race followed its course to the end, with all but one starters finishing the 60 minutes.

Nick Devereux and Geoff Edwards gained a strong lead, but the final minute found Russell Page, Steve Hubbard and Ted Garner fighting for second place, and choosing which tack would take them into the lead. Finishing in that order, Katie Guess followed as the first Laser.

Final results gave Nick and Geoff the fine glass trophy, with Russell and Emily Page in second, Ted Garner, Steve Hubbard and Katie Guess following on.

Full results are on the website. Bald results do not however show the wonderful atmosphere of participants, and the tremendously supportive team. Everyone enjoyed themselves, racing competitively in a relaxed and supportive manner. Thanks to all the participants, and in particular to all who helped, Phil Barnes, Ejay Mann, Mike Davies, Roberto Nerici, Sara Bowley, and Danielle and Hermione Attfield.


A great day showing Budworth’s special nature at its best.