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Sep 012017

Upcoming Events

West Lancs Yacht Club 24 hour race at Southport 9th / 10th September– is looming closer. Budworth has 3 boats entered and we have confirmed our 3 boats now. Teams are in training for both A and B teams. Russell Cormack and Bill Kenyon are running the A team. Jon Chapman is organising the B team (Masters) and Caroline Cawood is pulling the C team together. If you want to have a go, then please contact Caroline, it is always good fun and Team Budworth have consistently had a good time and whilst we have never won it….. Grrr.. We have been Masters champs several times and we have won many of the race prizes.

Snipe Open and Northern Champs 16th / 17th September. The Snipe open is always a well supported competition with Snipes travelling from all over the UK to compete on our shifty pond.. Last year saw young upstarts Nick and Sarah steal the trophy, this year Nick is off to Uni…. .. So who will make it this year? It is always good to see a good turnout of our own Snipe’s and I am sure that yet again it will be well supported.

Normal sailing – Saturday and Sunday Summer series ends on the 26th / 27th at Budworth with Main points resuming on the 2nd and 3rd September. So this is a last chance for a few people to qualify for the Summer series. A quick view of the results shows plenty of qualifiers and a good few who just might qualify this weekend.

What’s been a happenin…

The Wednesday night handicap has now finished, leaving us with 11 qualifiers and 60 entries. Of those 60, 32 did 4 or more races with 3 doing 11 and just missing out on qualification.

A total of 391 boats in races and 639 individual people races. That’s pretty good going for a Wednesday evening sailing session by any measure.  In the Laser series 5 qualified from 18 entries.

The handicap series was won by Bill Kenyon with Ali Cormack (most of the time). The Laser series was won by Dave Nicholson.

Special thanks must go to Alison Hubbard and all the Galley helms and crews who have participated in providing the food every week, this make the evenings sailing even better by enabling everyone to get together to compare notes over a beer.


Good to see that Budworth have been putting it out there around the globe again..

This week has seen submissions from Wildwind where reports suggest that there are more Budworth members there than any other nationality!

Nick Devereux and Geoff Edwards have been competing first in the GP14 Nationals at Looe coming 15th overall and then Nick with Sarah Jarman from Lymington have sailed the 29er to 15th in the Nationals at Weymouth before travelling to the Euros here in Quiberon… Still in progress..

Meanwhile Geoff has sailing with Tom Gillard in the Fireball Europeans in Lyme Regis. They have been leading most of the week but took a dip today, resulting in overall 4th.

Sorry if this sounds like Hugh’s mates…. I only know of those people who tell me or share their fun on Facebook, so please let me know when you know of people in the club competing away.

And finally

Last year we organised a series of Thursday evening talks at the club over the winter months which went down very well .
Several people have expressed a wish to see this return again, and so I need someone to organise this. It’s not difficult, just getting a few people from within the club and some from outside the club to come and do a short interactive session or talk. (The more interactive, the more entertaining!). You don’t have to know anything, indeed a keenness to know something new is just as important…

Then it is just a matter of advertising the schedule and getting members to come along. A good split of levels from beginner racing through to more advanced “champions” who more experienced sailors will find interesting would be good.

If you think you would like to have a go at this, then please drop me a line.
Hugh Devereux