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How to Use the Race Management System


For P.R.O./A.R.O:

Club members who have duties as P.R.O or A.R.O should also make sure they are familiar (or remind themselves) how to run the races and how to record the results using the RMS.

The P.R.O User Manual can be downloaded here. Budworth_RaceControl_PRO_Manualv1.4

There is a QuickStart Guide: race system_pro_guide_slides

Pursuit Races: (Updated Nov 2014)
Start Timings: The RMS now includes a calculator! Start the PRO-PC in the OD Box, see the main window has a new button “Pursuit Race Info”. This enables you to set the “scratch class” and the race duration. It will then calculate the relative start timings for you for all Budworth classes.
These should be run with the Race system set to “Boat Start” and “Boat Finish”.Any sounds can be triggered using the “(Test) Klaxon” or “Test” Bell buttons on the Race Control window. You should still Open/Close SignIn. Record finish positions in the Results window in the normal way. Finish times are not needed.


There are also U-Tube training video’s available:

  • Please note that the videos relate to an earlier version of the system, there are a few minor changes/improvements in the current version! I will update the videos when i get the time 🙂
  • 1. How to run races (a U-Tube video)
    An overview of the PRO controller
  • 2. Starting a Race (a U-Tube video)
    Shows how to select races, open sign-on and run the race start, recalls etc.
  • 3. Race Progress and Finishing (a U-Tube video)
    Shows how to record lap and finish positions/times for a race
  • 4. Managing Races (a U-Tube video)
    Shows how to change the start time, postpone or abandon a race, run a race with a “boat start” and a “pursuit race”.


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