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Class Performance


With the advent of Budworth’s new RMS (Race Management System) we now have a really good view of the actual handicaps our classes are sailing to. The system collects all the race times from our handicap races, and these are then uploaded to the RYA’s Portsmouth Yardstick Race Analysis website which calculates the Portsmouth Number’s (PN) for us. After a bit of jiggery pokery (and using the GP14 fleet as a reference point), as of Easter these are handicaps the Budworth fleets are sailing to (versus the RYA’s PNs):

  • Fireball 996 vs 975
  • RS200 1013 vs 1053
  • Laser 1086 vs 1087
  • Snipe 1087 vs 1117*
  • Solo 1105 vs 1148
  • GP14 1127 vs 1127
  • Firefly 1147 vs 1168

The RYA’s recommendation is to set local handicaps. Where there are large discrepancies and low confidence then the move should only be partway.

As the year progresses and more data is accumulated, the confidence level of our data will increase, and we can monitor and publish how our fleets are doing against the RYA’s PNs. Currently Budworth uses the RYA’s PNs.

*There is no current PN for Snipes. The last published one found was in 2004, and then it was only an experimental handicap, ie, there was very little supporting data. In the meantime the Snipes have continued to sail off 1117. It is interesting to note that in the intervening time nearly all other classes have been rerated, some quite significantly.