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Oct 282015

Philpott Trophy(Editor’s note: see also the interesting post from visiting teenager Luke, who joined us in one of the rescue ribs: Rookie to the Rescue

The Race team were (of course) Mark and Carole Philpot, who donated the lovely trophy shown here, and Mark penned these thoughts on the day.

“In a light south/south-easterly wind the second Pursuit Trophy challenge brought an enthusiastic group of sailors representing most Budworth fleets together for an exciting afternoon of very close racing.

Pursuit racing has two big advantages over a handicap race: each boat can see in front of it which one it must ‘overtake’, and each class sets off at its own start. So the ‘hare’ on this occasion was young Emma Rocke in her Topper, and the ‘hounds’ chasing her were Solos, Lasers, Snipes, GP, RS200 and a Fireball. The fickle wind at G did mean that the Topper struggled to maintain distance, and soon it was the Solos and Lasers at the front. Ted Garner held his position to win from Russell Page (Solo), Harry Brown coming third in his Laser, followed closely by John Milsom, and then Dave Nicholson.

In the second race the beats B-H, and D-X, were complemented by the addition of a run, A-H, giving the spinnaker boats three chances to hoist, and gain speed. It added to the excitement, yet the Solos still held the advantage with a battle royal between Russell Page and Ted Garner, again. However, the Lasers caught up the 2 minutes 35 seconds, and took control in the last couple of minutes as the clock ticked to 60 minutes. This time, Dave Nicholson took the honours with Harry Brown , Russell Page, Ted Garner, and then the Lasers of Rod Hewitt-Dean and John Milsom. It was a day for single-handers, but mention should be made of the Fireball of Steve Crossley and Wendy Smythe making 7th place in both races, and showing that the Pursuit handicap timings do work well, catching up 9 minutes in the hour!!

In the results, three people tied for First Place: Ted Garner, (1,4), Harry Brown, (3,2) and Russell Page, (2,3).
The RMS awarded the beautiful trophy of two glass dinghies on a solid oak base (which can be shared between helm and crew in the event of a two-hander winning), to Ted Garner, on ‘countback’.

The camaraderie, and friendship in the bar (enhanced by Alison Hubbard’s generous gesture of sandwiches and cake) proved that everyone had enjoyed the competition, and in a pleasant manner, envied Ted Garner’s delight in taking the Trophy home! For those who had not experienced a Pursuit, the fun and interest has earned a definite place in their personal sailing calendar!”