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Jun 062016

Mere weed update

You may have noticed that the lake looks a little different at the moment. We asked the Environment Agency, through the Marbury Ranger, to check the water for Blue-green algae blooms or any other problems. We have now had the report back:

Water quality is good as usual, nothing untoward. The floating substance is old vegetation, which has been released from the bottom as new, bottom growing, vegetation starts. We have had many comments re the weeds growing especially in front of the clubhouse. This happens annually, but is more evident this year.
We suggest that Rib drivers be advised not to start engines until at the far end of the jetty. The weed is now on surface and spreading. We will look at dredging the weed somehow but in the meantime be mindful of the weed close in.
We have also received comments about dead fish. These are old fish, (hence their large size) which natural selection has caused to die. They have spawned and exhausted themselves in so doing, and consequently die. Often they are partly eaten by the time they come ashore (mink, or pike etc).
Please be assured the lake is in good shape although it does look a bit messy at the moment.
We will keep checking the water quality and will look at potential methods of dredging the weeds. Please contact me if you have any ideas.
See you on the water soon.