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Dec 032015

Racing Update

I think I jinxed the wind last weekend as I predicted nice calm dinghy sailing winds. It ended up quite stormy on Sunday and myself and Eric were the only two who went out on our windsurfers. I normally make it a rule not to windsurf, if I am having trouble standing in the wind! However we still went out and had about an hour of the strongest winds/largest waves, I have ever sailed in at Budworth. It was pretty manic even with the smallest sail I own – 4.2m and my wave board. Budworth lake looked a little bit like the conditions at the coast a couple of weeks ago below! Let’s hope this weekend calms down enough for everyone to get out in sensible winds. Remember sailing starts at 12.00 – three races.


(Ed. Note – the picture IS Pete but NOT last Sunday, when it was about 30knots, I promise you!)

Notice of Race: Budworth Boxing Day Bash – 26th December 2015

Charity fundraiser in aid of the RNLI
Budworth Sailing Club looks forward to welcoming our friends
from the North West and further afield to another Budworth Boxing Day Bash Open

  • Entry £10 per boat (£5 for Juniors)
  • 2 Races scheduled starting 12:00
  • Briefing at 11:30
  • Prizes for:
    • Fast Handicap (960-1060)
      Slow Handicap (1061-1300)
      Single Handers

Those who have been before will recall this as a festive handicap racing day, for sailing junkies fed up with the turkey, stuffing and Christmas pudding, looking to ease those waistbands and get the blood pumping again.
And those not wanting to sail? Just come along for the social and the spectacle!
We are also looking for another volunteer for rescue – please let Mark Philpot or Russell know. Email addresses on the Contact Us page here on the web site.

Tree cutting working party – Saturday 12th December

Starting at 9:30 and going through to mid-afternoon. We will be working on the bank opposite the clubhouse and adjacent to Marbury Park (H to X).
We need volunteers to:

Bring loppers to cut branches (NO CHAINSAWS ALLOWED)
Rib drivers to ferry people across and to act as tugs to the floating pontoons
People to load the floating pontoons to bring cut wood back to the club
People to unload the wood at the club
Someone to keep us fed and watered

Let Russell Page know if you can help.

Membership Renewal

Thanks to everyone who has renewed their membership. We have approx. 40 odd members who haven’t quite made up their mind yet to renew. It would be great if you decide to renew your membership. If you haven’t renewed yet but intend renewing please can you renew ASAP, as this helps us schedule duties correctly for next year.

Mark Philpot is currently working on the Duty Rota and has asked me to include the note below.

See you on the water soon.


From Mark Philpot

Dear Member,
Looking ahead to the 2016 season, I am hoping to create the Duty Rota which as far as possible suits all members!!!
This can be done, with your help. Every full member is required to undertake at least two duties, one of which must be on your main sailing day.
For those of you who wish to select your most appropriate dates, the list is available in the club house for you to ‘sign up’ on your preferred dates which are still available.
Otherwise, please take advantage of this offer…….
Please email me – click here with the dates when you know that you will NOT be available, so that I can avoid these.
I would like to get the rota settled as soon after 1st January as possible, so please don’t hesitate, let me know now.
Please also take advantage of the email to let me know which duty you prefer, and are qualified to undertake, as well as those of the rest of the family.
It is essential to get as close to perfect as possible…. Throughout the season I shall not be available to sort out any duty changes, or swaps. Once loaded on Dutyman, that is a reference point only; there will not be a ‘manager’ to oversee the changes. Any changes, or requests for swaps MUST be undertaken personally (by phone, or by email) and agreed by both parties. Then it can be changed on Dutyman.
For your own sake as a member, for your successful sailing season, and for that of every other member, let’s make sure that duties are performed as specified, and please do not risk being ‘blacklisted’.
Mark Philpot