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Oct 282015

Visiting the club during the “Philpot Pursuit” was teenager Luke Chapman, who spent the day learning the role of the Rescue. He has written up his experience of the day, and thanks to Andy and Glenn for their patience and help in ‘driver training’!

“Rescue One and PRO – this is Rescue Two. We have done it”.
These were my exact words at the end of the second pursuit race for the Philpot Trophy 2015.
The boats were beating back to the jetties as I ‘gunned’ the throttle. Our rescue craft lurched forward and we skimmed the waves.
Just 3 hours earlier, over 15 sailors were sitting, preparing their craft for the 2nd Philpot trophy. The course was tough: little wind meant that it would be tough for the dinghies to pick up any speed. Everything was ready. Thankfully there was little need for the rescue teams. However, at the end, we had to write down the numbers of each boat in order. Unfortunately a lot of the boats were already heading back to the jetties causing a rather large problem for the rescue teams.
The 2nd race was more eventful, due to the south easterly breeze. Yet again we were not needed, although the race was entertaining, to say the least. Somehow I managed to find myself in the driving seat. It was fun, although I kept my distance when a couple of boats reminded me about the wake from our boat.
The klaxon sounded, signalling the end of the race. Luckily for us, Race Control took the positions. So we came in – actually this is not quite true….. after an apparent ‘drag race’ between rescue 1 and 2 (to let off energy, and clear the throttle) we rounded up the final boats, and moored up.
It was fun and I really enjoyed being part of the rescue team. I hope I can return for 2016 but that all depends.
For now, though “Luke out”!

Luke Chapman

(**Note to RIB Manager –don’t worry… ‘Drag Race’ is poetic licence!!)