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Thinks n Drinks – Running Races – starts & courses


Event Details

Running Racing – Starts and Courses – Making a race course fair for all the competitors for club racing is an art. It is one of the key skill sets that enables Budworth to shine as a Racing Club. We need to maintain that and ensure that we improve the quality of racing every year. 

The session will cover

  • – Setting a fair unbiased start line and the reasons this is important. 
  • – Setting even beats to give good competition
  • – Ensuring the course uses the best areas of the lake for the wind direction
  • – Setting good downwind courses to improve the opportunities for overtaking.
  • – Setting a fair finish line.

Session will be led by Russell Page

Session starts at 7pm and will finish at 9pm. 

The event is free to members, but please book via our WebCollect site so that we know the numbers attending!