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Raceboarding on a pond any good?

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Apr 052017

Budworth Sailing Club is located in Cheshire. We sail on a small pond about 1km long and 1/2 km wide and is partially surrounded by trees. It doesn’t sound much of a windsurfers paradise but if you ignore the lack of surf and tide it is brilliant for tactical raceboarding and having fun. The boards we use are mainly Mistrals (equips and race), Fanatic (Megacat), and quite a few Starboard (Phantoms).  The maximum sail size we allow is 7.5m to keep the competition fair and open to all ages and sizes.  Clothing is your own choice and various fashions are sported depending upon temperature almost showing neoprene throughout the decades.

Tuesday evening the lake is ours to sail on. There are plenty of permanent buoys on the water so the race officer can set a competitive course making the most of the wind direction. With the lake being quite small compared to open water there are plenty of tactical decisions to be made and your mark rounding will improve in no time due to the multitude you have to round in a typical race.  Two races are sailed starting at 7pm and finishing at about 9pm, followed by a pleasant après raceboard chat at the local pub.  

Besides Tuesdays’ racing we also have our own start on a Saturday afternoon where three races can be sailed.  The water is then shared with a few dinghy sailors who also race the same course. Mark rounding can sometimes be interesting but the relaxed atmosphere by those who stand up rudderless and those sitting down with a tiller, ensures all ends well amicable. 

Last year year we increased our raceboard fleet by about 20% by holding Raceboard taster sessions. A few dedicated raceboarders got together and managed to get a few old training boards, a dry rotating training rig, and a few bright orange training sails.  Altogether we can get 5 boards rigged out with a variety sail sizes ranging  from 3.5m to 4.5m.  Twice weekly for one Month we provided one experienced raceboarder to two new boarders tuition. This worked well and the ‘one to one’ tuition ensured that within a Month most could sail up and down the lake without falling in too much or having to be recovered from the far bank.  Once bitten by the boarding bug they scoured Ebay and not before long 6 of them joined us on a Tuesday evenings.  The new learners just did a basic triangle (some of them followed us around the ‘proper’ course already) and were ‘racing’ each other.  The success is in my opinion down to ‘one to ‘one’ tuition at the required level, cheap relaxed training sessions (£6 per evening £24 max for the Month), and the enthusiasm of fellow Budworth boarders.

At Budworth we are a strict fleet racing club and it was good to see that the raceboard fleet has the highest average turnout for a Main points series.  The adopted ‘Queen Mary’ scoring system ensures that turn out as well as sailing well is rewarded and the competition goes to the last day of sailing.  The series runs from mid April to September and with an average turnout of about 8, a maximum of 18 boards on one occasion, is the proof that it can’t be that bad raceboarding on a small pond.  

In the area on a Tuesday? 

Come and join us for a session (we can provide the odd raceboard and rig. Please contact the fleet captain for further info on raceboarding at Budworth.

Saturday afternoon sailing

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Mar 312017

Saturday afternoon sailing in April is on 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th and it is all about fun, learning and relaxed competition.

It’s the same format every week. There are three races with the first one starting at 2.00.  There will be a helpful briefing before the first race from a trainer or an experienced sailor. When appropriate there may also be on-the-water and between-race advice.

If you can launch, tack and get back to the jetty you’re ready for Saturday afternoon sailing. If you’re worried about gybing but not bothered about winning you can always tack instead. If this all sounds like gobbledegook you might want to book some training.

All of the races will be competitive. Whilst rules will be observed the more experienced sailors will be encouraged to help and nurture those less experienced.

… and if you have any suggestions, gripes or comments don’t hesitate to contact me.

I hope to see you on Saturdays.

Mike Davies
Saturday Captain

Sailing today

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Mar 122017

Today, the 12th March, saw our sailing season kick off at Budworth, and the wind was a pleasant F3 Westerly down the lake, the weather was very mild, with only a tiny bit of rain at the start of Race 3.

Each of the 3 handicap races had a different course, ably set by the PRO Katie. Phil and Emma sailed their Snipe to show how it should be done, and all the Budworth fleets were represented in a good turnout!

Only 5 races to qualify, so if you didn’t sail today, come and join us for the next 2 Sunday’s, 3 races each day, and you can still qualify, quite apart from the pleasure of just getting out in your boat and enjoying the outdoors again!

Chris H


Working Parties

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Feb 082017
Working Parties

There was another excellent turnout for the fourth working party of the winter. Good progress has been made with all the jobs on the list and we now need to concentrate on finishing off and getting the club ready for the start of sailing on the 12th March.

The next working party will be on Sunday March 5th starting at 9:30. Alison Hutton and Steve Hubbard will once again be coordinating the session.

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Happy New Year!

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Dec 312016
Happy New Year!

Wishing all our members a very Happy New Year! Here’s to some great sailing in 2017, see you there!!

Don’t forget! Prizegiving & Social on 12th Nov.

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Nov 052016
Don't forget! Prizegiving & Social on 12th Nov.

Prizegiving starts at 18:00 and continues with supper, a bonfire on the front lawn and a ceilidh dance with one of the top ceilidh bands in the North West: Albireo. Tickets from WebCollect/Galley.

Philpot Pursuit Trophy – races postponed!

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Oct 292016
Philpot Pursuit Trophy - races postponed!

The Philpot Trophy pursuit races were postponed on Sunday 30th October, due to lack of wind. A brave decision by Mark as PRO – for a pursuit race, unlike fleet racing, a reasonable chance of wind remaining during the race is essential to keep the race fair, and so the races will be re-scheduled at a later date this year – keep an eye on club messages and the information that will be posted here!