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Mere Moments – July

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Jul 062017

I am constantly in wonder at the beauty of Budworth, we take so much for granted. This month we have had the pleasure to watch the Swans raise their family of 7 signets, which could regularly be spotted around the Jetties or in far flung parts of the Mere while racing was in progress. The young Coot decided to nest on the Snipe Jetty and despite much disturbance managed to keep her nest and 6 eggs there for a good week or two, sadly she seems to have been beaten by the strong breeze. One Friday evening I sailed a firefly over to the Marbury side and spent a very pleasant half an hour silently gliding by the roosting ducks, coots and moorhens on the far side.

Take time to go looking, you’ll be amazed.

We welcome a good number of new members this month, swelling our numbers. If you have just joined, welcome to the club, if I haven’t met you yet, then please introduce yourselves to me when you are at the club.


The Month’s Highlights


Random Pairs

This month saw a small group compete in the Random pairs, boosted by one team from Manchester Uni who showed us how it should be done, it was a pleasurable day jumping in and out of boats for short races…


Budworth GP14 Open

Budworth then hosted the GP14 open, a good turnout of 13 local boats were joined by 3 visitors. A full race report has been posted on Facebook and the web site, but it was good to have a GP14 open with sunshine, decent wind and enjoyable company. The event was won by Mark Platt and Malcolm Marsden from Bolton Sailing club, with Bill Kenyon and Matthew Williams 2nd



The following weekend the club went hippy and the Snipes hosted their annual Snipestock event, this relaxed weekend starts on a Friday night with Barbeques, volleyball, gentle sailing and an eclectic mix of live music that included the guitars of Rob Murphy and James Cawood and the soothing tones of the squeeze box (Accordion) played by Anais Morel. Fireworks brightened the evening sky and the rumours of moderate drinking are of course correct.


Southport Junior 12 Hour race

The final highlight of the month was the Southport Junior 12 hour race. This extract is from Michaela’s race report. Congratulations to the team on their success. The club should be proud of being represented by such a talented and well mannered and disciplined team.

The race began at 8:00am. Budworth had a strong start putting them in a good position to quickly overtake the Enterprises.  However, there was close sailing with the first few boats constantly changing positions. Throughout the race there were a number spot prizes including the fastest lap sailed at midday which was won by Budworth.

During the day the wind gradually built, further challenging Budworth to keep the boat flat but favouring the teams with more weight in the boat.  Upwind proved challenging but gains were made on downwind legs as the Budworth sailors were generally lighter than the other teams. The sailors were constantly motivated by the rest of the team on shore who were enthusiastically cheering for them.  The race ended at 8pm with Southport Sailing Club winning the race, Royal Windermere Yacht club in second place and Budworth Sailing Club in a very respectable third place.  Team members were Charlie Whittaker, Matthew Williams, Ryan Hart, Michaela Attfield, Kate Bottomley, Arianna Nerici and Nick Devereux. I am sure you will join in congratulating them all on their performance. The team especially wanted to thank Bill Kenyon (Manager) and the training team Geoff Edwards, John Waind, Russ and Ali Cormack and Ted Garner and all their parents.

Up coming events.

Laser Open – 2nd July. (Tomorrow) We welcome all comers from the Laser fleet from the north west to compete at our open meeting. Racing starts at 11am. There won’t be any fleet racing tomorrow.

Driver Trophy – 8th July  Interfleet team racing.. Each fleet is invited to put forward a team of 6 sailors to compete against other fleets in the Fireflies. The Driver trophy in the past was a major part of the club’s year, and it would be good to revive this tradition again.

Summer social We have decided that, weather permitting we will host a bring your own Barbeque at the club in the evening, this is in lieu of the Jive night that unfortunately had to be cancelled.

Commodores Regatta – 9th July – The day will kick off at 11am. It will include some serious racing as well as some fun races. The provisional program is as follows.

            11:00               –           Junior on water treasure hunt.

                                                Juniors and adult teams

            12:30               –           Ladies race – Lady’ helms only

            13:30               –           Ice cream dash

            14:00               –           Champion Helm – 3 x 30 min races – back to back

                                                (Incorporating the Veteran’s prize as well)

            17:00               –           Close

Format for Champion Helm will be a series of 3 short handicap races sailed in any club class of boat.

Firefly open – 15th July (Saturday)

The Firefly open is held on the 15th July. With 6 club firefly’s it would be good to see as many out competing with the regular firefly fleet.

Start of the Summer series (16th July)

The first half of our main points is drawing to a close and the summer points will start on July 16th (Sunday). Same format, just come along and join in…

Adult training  We are planning options for a mid to late July training courses for adults as either a week long (day time) and / or evenings sessions.

If you have an interest in this as either Better sailing or Learn to Sail, then please email bsctraining@budworthsc.org.uk stating your preference for daytime or evening sessions. 


Finally – request for further assistance. I had several people email me suggesting that the Jive night had not been advertised well enough, that may have been the case. We clearly have need of a social secretary or someone who can help out with marketing and communications. If you can help and make your club more successful, then please step up to the mark…


Look forward to seeing you on the water or in the bar!




Budworth at the Southport Junior 12 Hour Race

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Jun 282017

On Saturday 24th June a team of seven Budworth sailors ranging in age from 13 to 18 took part in Southport Sailing Club’s annual Junior 12 hour race. This was Budworth’s first entry in the race since 2008 and was the first time that any of the sailors had competed in the race under the Budworth burgee.

Thanks to Michaela  Attfield for the excellent event report with pictures! Do read it here: 12 hour 2017 report


A Busy Club

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May 282017

We kicked off the month with our open day, where we welcomed over 50 members of the public and took them sailing. I am pleased to say that we now have 23 new members from that day and subsequent activities. We have hosted three open meetings and the club racing on weekends and midweek. A busy month… and next month brings more!!

Our first Learn to Sail course of the year finished this week with 10 newly qualified sailors. We finished the course with a short session on a triangle race course, to give an insight to what we do. Congratulations to you all, amazing performance.

Budworth moves from strength to strength, but we can only do that with everyone’s help. I said last month that I spent a lot of time at the club just looking at the beauty of the place. This month, I have spent quite a bit of time with the Adult and Family training team of Steve Wilson and Josh Cooke. These two are now both members of Budworth SC and have been working their butts off teaching our new members.. Firstly a very big thank you to them for their commitment and experience in training. Please make them welcome around the club.

Now it could be your turn, we have a good number of new novice sailors who will be working their way through the Better sailing course, but will be looking for opportunities to sail with others. If you can spare some time to take them out, give them the chance to try different boats, then you and your fleets can reap the rewards and pleasure of encouraging others in what we love. Please speak to me or turn up later on a Monday or Thursday evening to meet our new members.

What’s on (A quick summary)

Saturday handicap 2pm (3 races)
Sunday handicap and fleet racing 12:30pm (4 racees)
Raceboards Tuesday 7pm (2 races)
Wednesday night Handicap 7pm (2 races)
Friday night social sailing 6:00 pm with BBQ when the weathers right! (No races!!!)

We have had several test runs of Fridays already, but everyone is welcome to come and chill at the club on Fridays.

On top of this you will find people on the water on

Sunday mornings – Junior sailing
Monday night – Adult and Family Learn to sail
Thursday evening – Adult and family Better sailing. (Starting 8th June)

Pretty much every day the club is in use.. Remember you are all free to use the club and waters at any time at your own risk. There is still some room on the Better sailing course starting on Thursday 8th June if you are keen to develop your skills.

Report on events

The first of the opens was the RYA North west Junior traveller, this event was a great success with 30 Juniors, 6 Optimists and 3 Youth fleet boats. Budworth was well represented in all 3 fleets and I was pleased to see some in the prizes with Emily Page – 3rd in Juniors, and Michaela Attfield 2nd in the Youths. Thanks to Russell Page and the vast quantity of officials he managed to array for the event, ensuring that the racing was maintained competitive and the results completed well before everyone was changed… (A first!)

The next event was the Sailboard open, with a good turnout, the fleet were blest with another glorious sunny and windy day, and I believe our Rear commodore Pete Wilkinson won the event.

The Topper Open was next up and with a low turnout of 11 boats, the event was none the less competitive with Budworth sailors Ryan Hart and Toby Moore keeping the Budworth end up.

Our first Learn to Sail course of the year finished this week with 10 newly qualified sailors. We finished the course with a short session on a triangle race course, to give an insight to what we do. Congratulations to you all, amazing performance.

Welcome to our new members many of whom have now embarked on the Learn to Sail course on Monday evenings. You are very welcome, and I look forward to seeing and helping you integrate in to the Budworth community.



Random Pairs – Bank Holiday Monday 29th May – Team racing in pairs, can be fun and a great way to learn about sailing. If you are new then it is full on, but always fun. Come and have a look and you may get asked to crew a boat.

GP14 Open – 4th June – Calling all GP14’s to our open event. Always a high point for the GP14 Northern bell open circuit.

Snipestock – 16th to 19th June. You’ve heard of Woodstock, well it’s not quite the same, but does involve dressing up as if it was!

Junior 12 hour race at Southport 24th June – We have a trained and drilled Junior team ready to take on the best of the North west at this race for the first time for nearly 10 years. Please come along and support our Juniors.

Laser Open 2nd July – Laser fleet should book this as their day, ensure you get a great turn out and invite your friends from around the Northwest to show some Budworth hospitality.

Summer Social – Commodore’s weekend 8th – 9th July – HOT NEWS…. This year we are returning to a two day format with the Driver trophy on the Saturday (team racing) and some family activities. Followed on the Sunday by the Commodore’s regatta. We will have a range of racing with the special club prizes for Champion helm, Lady helm and many others… But we will also have a couple of fun racing formats aimed at new members and old alike. It won’t be serious and it will be a laugh…

I would like to announce the Commodore’s summer Jive party on Saturday 8th July. We have a Jive band booked and the aim will be include as many as possible with a tuition section for those of us who don’t know how… Followed by a full on Jive session. There will be a meal after sailing prior to the event. Tickets will be released soon on web collect and from the bar soon. This is a family celebration and everyone should feel able to come along and join in.

Welcome to our new members many of whom have now embarked on the Learn to Sail course on Monday evenings. You are very welcome, and I look forward to seeing and helping you integrate in to the Budworth community.


And finally


I look forward to seeing you all out this weekend.



Club Open Day – Sat. May 6th – A Fun Day Out

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Apr 232017
Club Open Day - Sat. May 6th - A Fun Day Out

Budworth Sailing Club is holding an Open Day on Saturday May 6th 2017 – If you are interested in sailing this is a great chance to come and visit the club to find out more. If you have never sailed before it might be just the right time to see what we offer – and that includes training for all skill levels. If you are a sailor already, come and visit us, we have great facilities and a super lake to sail on!
For more information, see the “About Us” page on this website!

Just one week left!

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Mar 212017
Just one week left!

Our March “Icebreaker Series” finishes next Sunday!. With only five races to qualify and 3 races still to come, several sailors can easily qualify for this short opening series of the next season!
In April we start our full sailing programme with a busy sailing and racing schedule – check out the events calendar and look at the upcoming events on the right-hand sidebar. Let’s get some fresh air and great sailing this season! If you are less experienced or just want some advice on any aspect of sailing or racing, just ask! There are plenty of sailors who will be happy to help you 🙂
And finally, if you have changed your boat since last season, please let me know (email Chris Hearn) so that I can update our computer race system with your new details and make life easy for you!

Junior Training dates in September/October

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Sep 062016
Junior Training dates in September/October

Dates are now set for the September/October junior training. Currently the beginners and progressors groups are full, although we do have places available in the racers group depending on the level of sailing experience of your child. If you’d like a place in racers or would like to get your name down for a place in the [read more…]