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Course Setting at Budworth – 28th Jan.

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Jan 152016

Thursday 28th Jan at 7:00 p.m

This is aimed at all Race Officers (PRO/ARO) who need to set a course for races at the club.

Part of our new “Think & Drink” series of early season training, the evening starts at 7:00 p.m with some food and an open bar.

Please register in advance through WebCollect (click the menu link above) to buy a free ticket,
or email Hugh Devereux

First Aid Course & AED training

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Jan 102016

Many thanks to visiting expert Liz Yeates from the North West Ambulance Service for a lively and informative training session on Thurs. 14th Jan.

The evening delivered even more than I expected!

Liz gave us the benefit of her personal and professional experience. Together with  excellent training videos and practical sessions relating to Cardiac Arrest ( including CPR and how to use our club Automated External Defibrillator (AED); also heart attack and choking.

All those present felt much better equipped should we need to assist someone at the club or elsewhere.

The facebook page mentioned by Liz at the end of the evening is here: https://www.facebook.com/freeAEDtrainingManchester/


Chris Hearn


2016 – not resting on our laurels!

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Jan 072016

It may be a new year, but Budworth SC is not resting on it’s laurels!





We are developing new opportunities for training and social activities at the club. Our current plan is to put on two Thursday evening socials / training evenings a month for the duration of the winter and depending on feedback, into the new season.

Mark Cleary (Marketing) has been improving our Facebook page. The interesting stories and pictures are worth a read, and we are also working on Twitter!

And finally, please mark the winter working parties in your diaries. These start in Feb. for six weeks. We hope to remove a lot of clutter be ready with a nice clean and tidy club for the 13th March when we start Racing again.

See you at the Clubhouse in February!

Budworth News – January 2016

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Jan 072016


I am sorry to report that Jack Ebden passed away on the 2nd Jan. Jack was a long term member and keen GP sailor. He served on the committee in a number of roles and during his time as a member, contributed strongly to the club.


Happy New Year

Racing Update

We have now finished Racing but I encourage you to catch up with all the latest reports including a great report in Yachts and Yachting on the Boxing Day Bash at https://www.facebook.com/Budworthsailing

In fact, please follow, share, like or comment any of the great articles on Facebook. Mark Cleary (Marketing) has made our Facebook page a great source of info for us and prospective members. The more we all interact through this page the more our name gets out there. People are much more inclined to read a ‘post’ than an advertisement and thus the ‘reach’ of Facebook is much larger than you would think. The interesting stories and pictures are worth a read anyway but interacting through Facebook will help the club. The club website and Facebook are our two main marketing tools. We are also working on Twitter.

Boxing Day thanks
In my last news update, I was remiss in thanking all the volunteers on Boxing day, who gave up their Boxing day to help the club:
Alison and Steve Hubbard – they were there first to welcome and feed the Warrington Dolphins and then Alison worked solidly feeding the sailors. Steve helped her and then took over on rescue.
Steve Kelham, Simon Bottomley, EJay Mann, and Nick and Emily Whelan then spent all their time on the water in rescue. There was a good wind, so they had to keep prepared and it did rain at times.
Sarah Tyson gave up her day to help in the Box. Without her, it would have been very difficult. In the background was also Chris Hearn who as always was making sure the RMS served our purpose.
Finally, Mark and Carole Philpot as PRO and ARO who manged quite a tricky day with lots of visitors.

Social Update

We are keen to develop new opportunities for training and social activities at the club. Our current plan is to put on two Thursday evening socials / training evenings a month for the duration of the winter and depending on feedback, into the new season.
The format will be a buffet meal that will be provided in the club house, followed by a 30-minute relaxed presentation with an exercise or practical. The bar will be open and the idea is to have a relaxed evening during which newer members can meet and more established members can provide assistance and also refresh their knowledge.

The subject matter will range from beginner up to advanced techniques and presentations by highly talented sailors from within the club with support from RYA race officials and Special guests.

There is no charge for the evenings but we would ask you to confirm your place via the link below (‘Book Places’) in order that we can ensure sufficient food and beverages are available.


The first two are:

7th Jan – Training Pathway introduction – Craig Hewett

An opportunity for Beginners and Progressors to hear what we are planning to offer this season and to tell us what they would like to do this year and how we can help you achieve your goals – Please come along and give us your feedback. This session will be led by Craig Hewett who is an experienced GP14 sailor and has now taken on the role of reviewing our training and coaching pathways with the training team.
Whilst this session is aimed primarily at our adult and family training course attendees from the last few years, it is open to all established and new members from all fleets who want to find out more or look for training opportunities this year.

14th Jan – AED Defibrillator training – Liz Yeates

A few years ago the club invested in an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) that can be used by untrained personnel. Thankfully we haven’t had need of it (as far as I know) yet. However, it would be sensible to be prepared. Liz Yeates is a qualified trainer on these devices and the aim is to provide a level of training, so that we aren’t just running around trying to work out what to do, when it’s really needed.
So why not come down to the club and learn how to use this practical and truly life- saving piece of equipment. The session will be taught from DVD and practical hands on, so please come prepared to get involved.

The places are limited to 20 on this course on a first come basis.


Working Parties – 7, 14, 21 & 28 Feb and 6 & 12 March
Working Parties start in Feb for 6 weeks. Please remember that it is mandatory to come to at least two of those sessions through Feb. Steve and his team are preparing the list of jobs and thankfully, Steve will not be attending every session this year as some volunteers have kindly agreed to run some of the days.
Please mark your diaries. We hope to remove a lot of clutter and clean the club up this year and be ready with a nice clean and tidy club for the 13th March when we start Racing again.
See you at the Clubhouse in Feb.


2016 Duty Rota

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Jan 052016

From Mark Philpot

Dear Member,
Looking ahead to the 2016 season, I am hoping to create the Duty Rota which as far as possible suits all members!!!
This can be done, with your help. Every full member is required to undertake at least two duties, one of which must be on your main sailing day.
For those of you who wish to select your most appropriate dates, the list is available in the club house for you to ‘sign up’ on your preferred dates which are still available.
Otherwise, please take advantage of this offer…….
Please email me – click here with the dates when you know that you will NOT be available, so that I can avoid these.
I would like to get the rota settled as soon after 1st January as possible, so please don’t hesitate, let me know now.
Please also take advantage of this note to let me know which duty you prefer, and are qualified to undertake, as well as those of the rest of the family.
It is essential to get as close to perfect as possible…. Throughout the season I shall not be available to sort out any duty changes, or swaps. Once loaded on Dutyman, that is a reference point only; there will not be a ‘manager’ to oversee the changes. Any changes, or requests for swaps MUST be undertaken personally (by phone, or by email) and agreed by both parties. Then it can be changed on Dutyman.
For your own sake as a member, for your successful sailing season, and for that of every other member, let’s make sure that duties are performed as specified, and please do not risk being ‘blacklisted’.
Mark Philpot