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Don’t forget the Club AGM !!

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Oct 292015

Don’t forget the club AGM on Wednesday November 11th, starting at 7:30pm prompt.

You also get early dibs at the duty rota 😉


Members – Jetty Comments

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Oct 282015

We are fortunate in having fixed jetties but they are ageing, so decisions must be taken. Members can read the survey results below (you must login first!).

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A Rookie on Rescue!

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Oct 282015

Visiting the club during the “Philpot Pursuit” was teenager Luke Chapman, who spent the day learning the role of the Rescue. He has written up his experience of the day, and thanks to Andy and Glenn for their patience and help in ‘driver training’!

“Rescue One and PRO – this is Rescue Two. We have done it”.
These were my exact words at the end of the second pursuit race for the Philpot Trophy 2015.
The boats were beating back to the jetties as I ‘gunned’ the throttle. Our rescue craft lurched forward and we skimmed the waves.
Just 3 hours earlier, over 15 sailors were sitting, preparing their craft for the 2nd Philpot trophy. The course was tough: little wind meant that it would be tough for the dinghies to pick up any speed. Everything was ready. Thankfully there was little need for the rescue teams. However, at the end, we had to write down the numbers of each boat in order. Unfortunately a lot of the boats were already heading back to the jetties causing a rather large problem for the rescue teams.
The 2nd race was more eventful, due to the south easterly breeze. Yet again we were not needed, although the race was entertaining, to say the least. Somehow I managed to find myself in the driving seat. It was fun, although I kept my distance when a couple of boats reminded me about the wake from our boat.
The klaxon sounded, signalling the end of the race. Luckily for us, Race Control took the positions. So we came in – actually this is not quite true….. after an apparent ‘drag race’ between rescue 1 and 2 (to let off energy, and clear the throttle) we rounded up the final boats, and moored up.
It was fun and I really enjoyed being part of the rescue team. I hope I can return for 2016 but that all depends.
For now, though “Luke out”!

Luke Chapman

(**Note to RIB Manager –don’t worry… ‘Drag Race’ is poetic licence!!)

Philpot Pursuit Trophy 2015

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Oct 282015

Philpott Trophy(Editor’s note: see also the interesting post from visiting teenager Luke, who joined us in one of the rescue ribs: Rookie to the Rescue

The Race team were (of course) Mark and Carole Philpot, who donated the lovely trophy shown here, and Mark penned these thoughts on the day.

“In a light south/south-easterly wind the second Pursuit Trophy challenge brought an enthusiastic group of sailors representing most Budworth fleets together for an exciting afternoon of very close racing.

Pursuit racing has two big advantages over a handicap race: each boat can see in front of it which one it must ‘overtake’, and each class sets off at its own start. So the ‘hare’ on this occasion was young Emma Rocke in her Topper, and the ‘hounds’ chasing her were Solos, Lasers, Snipes, GP, RS200 and a Fireball. The fickle wind at G did mean that the Topper struggled to maintain distance, and soon it was the Solos and Lasers at the front. Ted Garner held his position to win from Russell Page (Solo), Harry Brown coming third in his Laser, followed closely by John Milsom, and then Dave Nicholson.

In the second race the beats B-H, and D-X, were complemented by the addition of a run, A-H, giving the spinnaker boats three chances to hoist, and gain speed. It added to the excitement, yet the Solos still held the advantage with a battle royal between Russell Page and Ted Garner, again. However, the Lasers caught up the 2 minutes 35 seconds, and took control in the last couple of minutes as the clock ticked to 60 minutes. This time, Dave Nicholson took the honours with Harry Brown , Russell Page, Ted Garner, and then the Lasers of Rod Hewitt-Dean and John Milsom. It was a day for single-handers, but mention should be made of the Fireball of Steve Crossley and Wendy Smythe making 7th place in both races, and showing that the Pursuit handicap timings do work well, catching up 9 minutes in the hour!!

In the results, three people tied for First Place: Ted Garner, (1,4), Harry Brown, (3,2) and Russell Page, (2,3).
The RMS awarded the beautiful trophy of two glass dinghies on a solid oak base (which can be shared between helm and crew in the event of a two-hander winning), to Ted Garner, on ‘countback’.

The camaraderie, and friendship in the bar (enhanced by Alison Hubbard’s generous gesture of sandwiches and cake) proved that everyone had enjoyed the competition, and in a pleasant manner, envied Ted Garner’s delight in taking the Trophy home! For those who had not experienced a Pursuit, the fun and interest has earned a definite place in their personal sailing calendar!”

Philpot Pursuit Trophy 25th Oct. 2015

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Oct 082015

The first race will start at 12:00, and both races will count. (Remember that the clocks changed (backwards one hour) at 02:00). This is open to all Budworth fleets, so do come and join us for a chance to win the trophy, which has been kindly donated to the club by our ex-Commodore Mark Philpot.

Finale for Queen Mary 18th Oct

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Oct 052015

Snipes race to the Queen Mary Scoring system which means the last day is a nail-biter as crews tussel for their final series places against their close fleet rivals. The Solo fleet have invited visitors to join in the club fleet racing after their open meeting on the Saturday 17th. Other fleets will also be expecting good turnouts as their series are being closely fought to the end.  So all in all it’s going to be quite a day at Budworth SC on the 18th October. Even if you are not sailing it will be fun to watch.

New members set sails

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Oct 052015

Welcome to New Members Timothy Ainsworth and Don who have joined in the Sunday racing in their S nipe. Timothy was last a junior member some 35 years ago; the Anisworth family were great supporters of Budworth SC for many years so its great to see the connection remade.  Paul and Catherine have also purchased a Snipe and will begin with sailing on a Saturday when the handicap racing and coaching will enable them to learn the ropes in more relaxed conditions. That said they are also crewing regularly on a Sunday to gain more experience whist their sons join the Junior training program in Optimist and Topper. There have been many other new members who joined in 2015, they have been benefiting from the extensive coaching programs to build their sailing skills as well as helping to get to know others in the club.  Open 2015 start