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New pictures!

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Jun 292015

New Gallery pictures from Saturdays in June! With thanks to photographers including Geoff Reader. Click here

BSC Launching Strategy – Jetties & Beach

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Jun 272015

I think everyone is aware that our jetties are very old and need replacing in the next few years. This project was identified as a key focus area of the Strategic plan. Steve Hubbard, Harry Brown & John Smith have put together a great initial paper for consideration. This paper doesn’t just look at replacing the jetties but considers the changing make-up of the dinghies in the boat park over time. Some dinghies are more suited to be taken out of the water between races. Therefore the paper looks at the possible requirement for a ‘beach’ as well as new jetties. A beach is a large slipway where members can pull their boats out between races, as opposed to tie them to jetties. The jetties still need replacing and the paper discusses the options for this also.

The paper was presented at the last committee meeting and we would like members input. Please read the paper and let us know your thoughts (positive and negative input welcome). At this stage nothing has been decided and in fact we have a long way to go to try and realize a proposal. Once we have a way forward decided, we then have the difficult job of securing grants and financing in general. Therefore, this is only some ideas at the moment.

You should have already received the paper through your fleet captains but I will ask that Chris makes it available on the website.

Ed. Yes, here it is: BSC Launching Strategy – Committee Report – June2015

Please send your comments to your Fleet Captains. Email addresses are here

We would like to continue the discussions at the Sep committee meeting, so please send them to Steve by the 30th Aug so we can collate them.

Budworth News – June 2015

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Jun 042015

Welcome new members and an update for existing members. On behalf of Budworth Sailing Club, welcome to the best Sailing Club in Cheshire!
Many of you who have just joined, will be familiarising yourself with Budworth. We may have mentioned the week’s activities on the Open Day but I thought I would summarise the week’s activities, so you can decide when you would like to come down:

Monday nights – adult training – contact John Waind for more info – bsctraining@budworthsc.org.uk

Tuesday nights – Raceboard night (windsurfing) – everyone is welcome to give it a try, no need to be an expert, we have some spare gear as long as you don’t mind getting wet! Have a go, then off to the pub after. Contact Paul Keeler – captraceboard@budworthsc.org.uk

Wednesday nights – midweek sailing (racing) – Two races and two fleets, handicap (all boats except Lasers) and Lasers. Lovely evening sailing with food prepared whilst you sail. Run by the also lovely Bill Kenyon at captwednight@budworthsc.org.uk

Friday nights – cruising not racing – Super relaxed evening. Come down and just chill out, in the most beautiful spot in Cheshire. Potter about with others, have a go with someone else, chat with your friends, borrow a boat, sit on the patio, fire up the barbeque – whatever suits – just enjoy the surroundings. The rescue boat will be manned by an experienced helm (not necessarily an instructor), who will be happy to provide some informal coaching / advice if requested. Bar Open – contact John Waind – see email above.

Saturday – relaxed racing – Fancy learning the ropes, easing yourself into racing – this is the afternoon for you. First race is a practice race where you will get some tips from the Race Officer, followed by two races where competition is fun and relaxed. Contact Mike Davies at captsat@budworthsc.org.uk
Stop press – we are also hoping to start more junior training on Saturday mornings in conjunction with SYSCA soon. Please contact Andy Reilly at andy_reilly@mail.com if you are interested.

Sunday – flagship racing day & junior training – In the morning Hugh Attfield and the team run junior training. He is full at the moment but get yourself on the waitlist/next year’s list and contact Hugh about anything related to junior training – borrowing boats etc. He is at bscjuniors@budworthsc.org.uk. Then in the afternoon our main racing happens – don’t be scared off this afternoon. It is competitive but also welcoming, have a go – the fleet captains will make sure the rest of the fleet know you are new and will watch out for you. Crews are always required, so you can experience the thrill of crewing or perhaps just relax and watch the racing, enjoy the galley or bar afterwards.

Everyone is welcome whatever activity/day you select. Also this message is for all our existing members who maybe didn’t realise there was so much choice now regarding when and what type of activity you fancy.

Remember all committee members are volunteers, so they may not respond as quickly as perhaps work colleagues but the email addresses of all committee members can be found at http://budworthsc.org.uk/about-us/contact-us/